Introduction to Intercultural Studies—World Christianity PhD Program

At Africa International University, the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in World Christianity is directed under the Intercultural Studies (ICS) Department. Under ICS there are three concentrations:

  1. Mission Studies
  2. Islamic Studies
  3. World Christianity

ICS—World Christianity PhD Program is a research degree designed to help you

  1. Understand and engage World Christianity as a Research Discipline in light the shift of Christianity from the global north to the global south
  2. Learn how to do effective academic research, hence become proficient in researching on an area that has a direct impact on Christianity in Africa
  3. Through your research, make a practical contribution to the church in Africa
  4. Advance your personal capacity, resourcefulness and calling in light the opportunities and challenges afforded by World Christianity.
  5. In the course of your studies, you can also expect to
  • Gain supervised experience teaching at graduate level,
  • Network and engage with the community of Christian scholars,
  • Continue to experience personal spiritual growth.

Some of the areas that we cover in World Christianity include

  • Theological trends in Christianity in Africa
  • Renewal movements
  • Church and state
  • Gender and power
  • World Christianity and Politics
  • Historiography, including but not limited to colonial and post-colonial histories
  • Migration studies

Other areas offered in conjunction with other ICS concentrations

  • Research Methods
  • Anthropology
  • Christianity’s encounter with World Religions

ICS-PhD Program Design

  • The ICS-PhD program consists of two stages: a seminar cycle and a dissertation or project cycle.
  • During the seminar cycle, the student has the status of PhD Student. Continuation in a program after admission is never automatic. Students must demonstrate continual competence and improvement in order to remain in the program. Each program has established standards which are discussed with the student upon admission and reinforced in subsequent faculty-student interactions.
  • During the dissertation or project stage, the student has the status of PhD Candidate. Admission to the dissertation or project cycle is also not automatic. Each program has sets of criteria which must be filled for a student to advance to the candidacy stage.
  • During the dissertation or project cycle, the candidate is guided by a Primary Supervisor as well as one or more Associate Supervisors. The process of writing the dissertation or conducting a project culminates in a formal examination. After successfully passing the examination, and fulfilling all other requirements, the candidate will be awarded the appropriate degree. There is a seven-year limit, from the time of registration, on the completion of any AIU doctoral degree.
  • The ICS-WC program is modular. Students attend two weeks of residence classes, three times a year. However, the rigor required to complete both the pre-residency and post residency assignments requires fulltime attention to your studies.


  • Typically, we admit students every two years. An academic year starts in September. The number of PhD students that can be admitted during any intake is limited by the provisions availed by AIU-PhD Program Committees. Insofar as possible, prospective applicant should contact the director of the program before initiating the application process.
  • Applications must be approved by the relevant department or centre before they can be sent to the program committee for consideration. Although the applicant will be admitted to a specific program, the actual application should be sent to the AIU Admissions Office, and not to the Director of the program or to the Head of the Department. For further information visit the admission page on the AIU website,


  • To be admitted to an AIU doctoral program, an applicant must hold a MA or MDiv degree from an institution recognized by AIU. Beyond possession of a degree, the applicant must have a high cumulative grade point average in his/her MA or MDiv studies and must demonstrate ability for academic writing.
  • Because AIU is a Christian institution, applicants must demonstrate Christian maturity, high moral integrity, and current participation in Christian service.
  • Because pursuing a doctoral degree is arduous and demanding, applicants should also demonstrate that they are capable, competent, hardworking and determined, and that they enjoy the support of their family and church community.

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