Brian Stanley on the Yale-Edinburgh Conference 2016

Kyama interviewed Prof Brian Stanley on World Christianity and the Yale-Edinburgh conference on World Christianity.

Here is the video:


Yale Edinburgh Conference 2016

Here are some sights and sounds Kyama shared from Edinburgh, along with a brief introduction to the Yale Edinburgh conference, a word about the historic venue and a hint at what’s coming up on the blog soon.



Yale Edinburgh Conference on World Christianity 2016

Here are some thoughts at the beginning of the conference from the AIU team.



CWC June Update

World Christianity Conference in Edinburgh: CWC-AIU will be sending a delegation to the Yale-Edinburgh Group on the History of the Missionary Movement and World Christianity. The group will gather in June at the New College University of Edinburgh to talk about Responses to Missions: Appropriations, Revisions, and Rejections. This annual conference brings together leading scholars in Missions and World Christianity to deliberate and share their research on emerging themes in the disciplines. Among those chairing the plenary sessions will be Prof Lamin Saneh, Prof Andrew Walls, Prof Brian Stanley, and Prof Paul Foster. CWC-AIU will be represented by the Prof Mark Shaw, and members of the current PhD cohort.

Mini-Colloquium: The CWC PhD cohort members, Heglon Kitawi and Kyama Mugambi met on May 26th 2016 to discuss progress on their research projects. Also present at that meeting was Miriam Njoroge, a PhD candidate at the UoN department of religion.



Is this the PhD program for you?

The CWC is pleased to announce that it is accepting a new cohort into its PhD in World Christianity in August 2016. A limited number of spaces remain.

This programme is designed for individuals with strong academic gifts who feel called to a ministry of teaching and writing in christian history and are interested in researching new movements of contemporary christianity in Africa and around the world. For more information please write to the director of the programme at markshaw2020@gmail.com


Movements and Money Seminar Report

The Movements and Money Seminar co-convened by CWC and the AIU school of business studies gathered over 50 people at the Nairobi Baptist on the 21st of April 2016. The delegates received insight on the foundational principles of financial accountability for churches. The impetus for the seminar arose from the understanding that matters of financial transparency and accountability are an area of concern in the church in Africa today. Recent public discourse and government interventions in Kenya highlight this concern.


1 david gatende on accountability

1 david gatende on accountability

The seminar began with a plenary session by David Gatende. He is the Managing Director of Davis and Shirtliff, a water technology company operating in 7 countries in Africa. He has also been highly involved in church, chairing elder boards in two churches that are committed to accountability in every area of ministry. He spoke from his experiences leading the elders through the setting up of structures in church plants that have grown to become influential communities in Nairobi.

After the tea break came a panel discussion with the facilitators. The rich discussion included comments and questions on church projects, investment of church cash reserves, the differences between for-profit and non-profit accounts, perception disparities between Kenyan and American charity relationships, and the relationship between accounts teams and pastoral staff.

The seminar benefitted from the expertise of several experienced facilitators. They included – Alvin Mwangura who currently works as a micro-finance consultant, author and trainer. He has in the past worked in both corporate and church settings in accounts and finance; Anthony Mwaniki, a Project Management consultant, and chair of Acorn Group Africa. He has in the past also served as an executive pastor of Operations at Mavuno church, and also as project manager for several large scale church projects;  Humphrey Muga, a Business and Finance Lecturer at Africa International University. He has extensive experience at the Kenya Treasury and Capital Markets Authority; Jim Rogers, a seasoned business man who has since semi-retired from active daily management. He now devotes his time facilitating partnerships that foster education initiatives in Africa, mainly in Kenya. He has much experience working with non-profits in the US and here in Kenya; and, Sam Mwaura, the Chief Operating Officer and Finance Director at the AIC Kijabe Hospital. He has accumulated much corporate experience in finance and has also been highly involved in church ministry activities. He also has a passion for financial stewardship in churches.

After lunch the participants reconstituted themselves after lunch into three focus groups. One of the groups discussed financial accountability from the perspective of senior pastors and church planters. Another group focussed on financial accountability structures for pastors in training and department heads. A final group delved into the technicalities of finance structures for participants who have a background in accounts and finance. Each focus group then appointed a leader who presented their key lessons to the larger group.

After the presentations, the gathered group received a greeting and an encouragement to engage from Charles Awanda, the NCCK representative in charge of the Nairobi region. Nyambura Kamau from the Africa Study Bible project also gave a brief on the project and its significance for pastors in Nairobi. The African Council for Accreditation and Accountability [AfCAA see Afcaa.org] was also represented by several members among them the founding executive director, Valentine Gitoho.

The day ended with a joint public declaration of the participants’ commitment to, in obedience to God and His word, be financially accountable leaders. After a commissioning prayer, the participants were issued with certificates of participation.

movements and money poster1

movements and money poster1


Movements and Money Seminar

The church is entrusted with resources for the furtherance of the Gospel. While some churches have given the lead on matters of financial transparency and accountability, the issue remains an area of constant growth within the wider church, among pastors, pastors in training, elders and deacons. Coupled with this is the recent public, and government interest, in matters of financial accountability in the church, that resulted in the development and subsequent shelving of the religious societies rules. These rules encompass within them financial accountability standards.

In response to these, the Centre for world christianity and the school of business and economics at AIU have convened, in partnership with the Nairobi Baptist, an introductory seminar on financial matters for churches. The seminar will be held on Thursday April 21, 2016 at the Nairobi Baptist, 8:00am-4:00pm.

Link to Rules and regulations: Here


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