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AIU welcomed the Regent Vancouver team for their experiential African Theology course on June 10, 2017. This course is offered in Regent as a cross cultural learning experience which incorporates African Theology material taught through lectures, experiences and discussions over the course of two weeks. This year AIU is delighted to enrol 3 pastors into the course to share the experience with the Regent team. The course is taught by Dr Diane Stinton. She is Associate Professor, Mission Studies and the Dean of Students at the school. She is also an adjunct lecturer at AIU. She specializes in the study of world Christianity, particularly in theological developments in the global South. She has taught theology for many years in Kenya, where she helped launch two new programs at Daystar University and at AIU. She is the author of "Jesus of Africa: Voices of Contemporary Christology" and the editor of "African Theology on the Way: Current Conversations."

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PhD Round Table on Missional Hermeneutics

On 6th June, 2017, CWC hosted a round table for PhD students and candidates on Missional Hermeneutics. The session was led by Dr. Jim Miller. Dr Miller is Professor of Inductive Biblical Studies and New Testament at Asbury Seminary. He was Dean of Doctoral Programs at Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST), where he also taught for four years. Before that, he taught for nine years at Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya. There he served as head of the Department of Bible and Religious Studies. He was an elder and small group shepherd at the Nairobi Chapel. He is the author of The Obedience of Faith, the Eschatological People of God, and the Purpose of Romans.

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Africa Soceity for Evangelical Theology: Call for papers! Deadline: July 31, 2017 – for the 8th Annual Meeting — theme: "God and Creation"


Movements and Money May 11th 2017

This year’s "Movements and Money" seminar was held on May 11th at the All Saints Cathedral. Over 35 participants learnt together from seasoned Christian leaders. The focus this year was giving pastors and church leaders a broad understanding of personal financial management under the theme "Master your money as you minister."

In addition to speakers and panelists, the Africa Council for Accreditation and Accountability AfCAA [see afcaa.org] made a presentation about their work in the area of accountability for churches.

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A Busy January 2017

This was a busy January for CWC. It began with a seminary giving an introduction to key concepts in World Christianity. This was attended by the incoming cohort of World Christianity, Biblical Studies, and Practical Theology PhD students from the 3rd of January.

The following week from the 9th of January, Moses Owoijaiye, Michael Wambua and Kyama Mugambi held a two day colloquium to discuss their work which was at various stages of completion.

CWC had the privilege of hosting Prof Kevin Ward from Leeds University. He visited AIU to give a public lecture on the 11th and examine a PhD Candidate. Prof Ward’s public lecture on The East Africa Revival was very well received by a diverse audience who came on the day. Kibachia Gatu, together with Prof J.N.K Mugambi were present for the lecture and presented Prof Ward with Rev.Dr. John Gatu’s autobiography. Rev.Dr Gatu is a well known revivalist who served as the moderator of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa.


Later in the week, Prof. Ward presented AIU with the latest edition of his book on the East Africa Revival, edited with Emma Wild-Wood. Prof. Ward made the presentation at the Chapel.


On the 12th and 13th, Kyama Mugambi and Moses Owojaiye respectively sat their Vive Voce examinations. They were both successful in defending their theses and become the latest PhDs in the Centre for World Christianity, having been supervised by Prof Mark Shaw.



The East African Revival Public Lecture with Rev Dr Kevin Ward

Centre for World Christianity at AIU, invites you to a public lecture by the Rev Dr Kevin Ward, on Wednesday 11th January 2017 04:00pm at AIU. Dr Ward is a senior lecturer in African Religious Studies at the University of Leeds. He has researched extensively on christianity in East Africa, focussing on the East African Revival movement and Anglicanism. The lecture is free of charge. We would appreciate an email from you to confirm your attendance for our planning purposes.  You may contact us at worldchristianitycentre@gmail.com

Prof Bonk on the DACB

In this CWC video, Prof Bonk, the research professor on Missions at Boston University, talked about the Dictionary of African Christian Biographies (DACB). The director of the DACB project was during his visit to AIU in Dec 2016. In the video he narrated one of many fascinating stories from the DACB. [For more on the DACB visit the website on this link]



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