A Busy January 2017

This was a busy January for CWC. It began with a seminary giving an introduction to key concepts in World Christianity. This was attended by the incoming cohort of World Christianity, Biblical Studies, and Practical Theology PhD students from the 3rd of January.

The following week from the 9th of January, Moses Owoijaiye, Michael Wambua and Kyama Mugambi held a two day colloquium to discuss their work which was at various stages of completion.

CWC had the privilege of hosting Prof Kevin Ward from Leeds University. He visited AIU to give a public lecture on the 11th and examine a PhD Candidate. Prof Ward’s public lecture on The East Africa Revival was very well received by a diverse audience who came on the day. Kibachia Gatu, together with Prof J.N.K Mugambi were present for the lecture and presented Prof Ward with Rev.Dr. John Gatu’s autobiography. Rev.Dr Gatu is a well known revivalist who served as the moderator of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa.


Later in the week, Prof. Ward presented AIU with the latest edition of his book on the East Africa Revival, edited with Emma Wild-Wood. Prof. Ward made the presentation at the Chapel.


On the 12th and 13th, Kyama Mugambi and Moses Owojaiye respectively sat their Vive Voce examinations. They were both successful in defending their theses and become the latest PhDs in the Centre for World Christianity, having been supervised by Prof Mark Shaw.



The East African Revival Public Lecture with Rev Dr Kevin Ward

Centre for World Christianity at AIU, invites you to a public lecture by the Rev Dr Kevin Ward, on Wednesday 11th January 2017 04:00pm at AIU. Dr Ward is a senior lecturer in African Religious Studies at the University of Leeds. He has researched extensively on christianity in East Africa, focussing on the East African Revival movement and Anglicanism. The lecture is free of charge. We would appreciate an email from you to confirm your attendance for our planning purposes.  You may contact us at worldchristianitycentre@gmail.com

Prof Bonk on the DACB

In this CWC video, Prof Bonk, the research professor on Missions at Boston University, talked about the Dictionary of African Christian Biographies (DACB). The director of the DACB project was during his visit to AIU in Dec 2016. In the video he narrated one of many fascinating stories from the DACB. [For more on the DACB visit the website on this link]



A PhD cohort session with Prof Jonathan Bonk

This December, some PhD students and candidates at AIU had the privilege of attending a lecture hosted by CWC. The lecture was given by Prof Jonathan Bonk, a missiologist from the Boston University. The lecture centered on Religion and Security in Africa, touching on aspects of Common Good and its application on the continent. [An older version of this lecture can be obtained on this link ] The lecture was followed by a session on the importance and functions of the Dictionary of African Christian Biographies. Michele Sigg, the DACB project manager, also gave valuable insights on the inner workings of the DACB site. [See the DACB link]

The session included students from CWC and Biblical Studies in AIU. The session also hosted guests from diverse places as University of Nairobi, Chuka University and Mozambique.

Prof Bonk also presented the Dean of NEGST, Prof James Nkansah-Obrempong with digital copies of the DACB.


Dr Kwiyani in Nairobi

Dr Harvey Kwiyani was in Nairobi, October 17 2016. He led a stimulating discussion hosted by CWC. He talked with PhD students on African Christianity in the West. The discussion also touched on the need for dialogue between missions and theology scholars on the subject of Christians in the West. Dr Kwiyani is the director of Missio Africanus, a journal on the subject. He has been featured before on this blog before. See vlog on this Link.


The In-Between Generation in Diaspora

A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of talking with Dr Harvey Kwiyani about African Christianity in the Diaspora. He is the director of Missio Africanus, a journal highlighting African Missionary work around the world, and especially Europe. [See Link]  He is also the author of Sent Forth, about African Missionary work in the West. [See Book Link] Dr Kwiyani, a Malawian by birth, is based in Oxford from where he lives with his family. He has had extensive experience in Mission work as a pastor in Europe and North America. He currently writes and teaches about mission, leadership and church history.


Busy August For CWC

Viral 2016: CWC had a busy August 2016. The first activity of the month was the inaugural partnership activity with Viral Conference. Kyama Mugambi spent some time at the Nairobi Chapel engaging with pastors and talking about the importance of world Christianity research of the church in Africa. CWC sponsored a live stream of the final commissioning session at the conference.

Colloquium August 2016: The next activity was the August 2016 Colloquium, which Prof Shaw chaired. From 22nd to 26th August, Michael Wambua, Heglon Kitawi and Kyama Mugambi made some presentations from their current research. At the colloquium were Dr Enoch Opuka and Prof J.N.K Mugambi who spoke about their experiences in publishing.

CWC Book Presentation: The colloquium ended on a high with the presentation of the book “African Urban Christian Identity” edited by Steven O’Malley. The book was handed over to the Librarian, Mr Ephraim Mudave. The book contains chapters by CWC’s Dr Wanjiru Gitau and Dr George Atido. The book is the result of an ongoing research project on Christianity around the world headed by Prof Jim Miller, a former AIU professor.

2016 Cohort: The month ended with an introductory class for the 2016 PhD Cohort.


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